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You never know how your road is going to be, so learn to ride…

Adesh Bhansali: Just like any other child, as a kid, I wanted to be a pilot and join the military among many other aspirations. I was never certain what I should become when I grow up. It was during my high school days, that I got my first exposure to entrepreneurship and business through electives. The more I learned about entrepreneurship, I was drawn to the freedom, flexibility, and ability to make my own decisions; to challenge myself on a daily basis. Then, I felt a strong inclination toward entrepreneurship. Eventually, I started my agency.

The real ride began after I became an entrepreneur. My work was not limited to my agency projects; as I also dabbled in other ideas too. Every day brought with it a new challenge, and I always learned something new each time; be it acquiring my first client or making my first hire, or raising an invoice and delivering work.

This was exhausting as well as intriguing, and only the start of what I didn’t know then would be a very exciting journey. I was no longer worn out by early mornings and late nights. I grew from an individual servicing clients to slowly and steadily building a team of 15. I got my first office space and delivered over 100 projects across multiple domains and countries.

While I was delivering, I also had to navigate the other aspects of the business to offer a wholesome and complete experience to my team and my clients. Having to learn rapidly, about accounting, business development, sales, and client management in addition to my previous skills was one of my biggest challenges. That being said, it shaped me into what I am today - confident to take on anything and see it through.

I am proud that I have serviced 100+ clients globally across various domains. And this beautiful endeavor, filled with so many ups and downs taught me that if you dive into the unknown with the anticipation that you will learn one new thing, do not be afraid to fail, for it is the failure only that will teach you something you did not know.

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