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Yash Goyal| The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it...

I always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur like my father since being a youngster. He built his business from a scratch and has been my greatest inspiration. I joined my father’s firm after finishing my master’s degree. And invested time in learning the fundamentals of business. But still, I was not able to develop an interest in this field.

Then I started spending time researching the rapidly expanding E-commerce business, product-market fit, and everyday customer demands. Due to this I decided to create a consumer brand and become an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneurial journey is not easy as initially, it was tough, but as time passed on it worked well. We have spent time and money developing an efficient team and high-quality products. Our goal has always been to understand and meet the expectations of our customers.

It started with 5 orders per day in 2020 and to 400+ orders per day now which shows our fight towards growth and success. Like others, we also experienced ups and downs because of the competitive market. But we were determined to work for customers which kept on moving through the journey. Entrepreneurship is always difficult. Being an entrepreneur may appear rewarding, but the true challenge is managing the workforce, processes, quality, and, most crucially, financing.

We have been developing and producing goods in the mobile electronics industry for over 2+ years, including charging solutions, Wireless Charging pads, Multi-device chargers, Power Adapters, Magnetic chargers, ANC Headphone Over-Ear, and more. Quality is our first focus; all of our products are created using the most recent chipsets and high-end materials to ensure that every user has an outstanding experience. Our products are an excellent, modern, and cost-effective alternative to most existing chargers. We continually improve our goods to fulfill the future demands of our customers.

The message to other emerging Entrepreneurs is to Learn from others while crafting your journey. Every path is different; be adaptive and flexible while being committed to success.

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