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Kshatriya Gaurav: Since childhood, I was passionate to become a cricketer and want to play for the Indian cricket team as was a captain in my school’s cricket team. I always considered cricket to be a business and that is why decided to be an entrepreneur.

It was when in college 2nd year, with a business plan in my mind, my professor advised me to participate in Startup Entrepreneurship Competition. So, I participated and win the competition. Then, I decided to be an entrepreneur being a winner in all Haryana government colleges.

The idea of the business came into my mind through an incident. At 19 years old, my father told me to get the car serviced at an authorized service center. But the same day I was to attend my best friend’s birthday party, and I chose first to complete my father’s work. After reaching the service center at 11 am. , I assumed that the work would be completed within two hours. But who knows that spending the whole day in the waiting room of the service station will result in developing an idea for my Entrepreneur. Being stuck for the entire day, I decided to start a business that could ease out the service center industry to work in less possible time. And it leads to the starting of my business.

Initially, I faced a lot of difficulties and challenges and worked for long hours for the startup. Independent garage was one of the most important aspects of the service industry. Long back, independent garages were not that trustable in India.

We aim to simplify complex auto care solutions in three quick and effective steps - Check, Compare, and Book methodology which eases out all consumer hassles.

My Achievements are I won SUPRATI Startup Competition in 2020 held by DHE Haryana, Won CAPRICE Startup Summit in 2021 held by SGT UNIVERSITY, and Won IIT Delhi Startup Summit and now IIT Delhi incubat.

My advice to other arising Entrepreneurs is – Focus on your goal, you'll surely succeed.

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