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When your dreams and passion are mixed with actions, it creates an entrepreneur…


Harshvardhan Pasari: I always grew up in a business family, and I was always certain that someday I’d be an entrepreneur myself. I always wanted to start something innovative, something new in the same line I understood had many unexplored areas.


Initially, I was pursuing a C.A and cleared a couple of levels but ultimately it didn’t help grow my business. It occurred to me that if I put those hours into my business it would be much better. Pursuing my Vision, I took admission to S.P Jain Mumbai for my post-graduation in their Family Business Management Program, while already working in my business. There I received exposure to people of different kinds and levels of business. 


My entrepreneurial journey started while I was learning from the scratches. In the process, I understood that everything I learnt from my father and employees was worth more than any other college degree. My vision was clear, to expand my business, it was hard at first but then later my efforts began to show rewards that motivated me further. I added 25 quality checks while finishing my products which are practised as a ritual in the company now and today my products are delivered all over India. 


There were many challenges in the beginning. I started by reviving my company from losses, managing the manpower, treating the team members as one big family, starting the only factory outlet in Vidharbha, etc. things become difficult when no one knew your brand name. besides, I had to maintain the quality, the financial risk, put on all-nighters and so on. The best part is that overcoming those challenges felt good, and now when I finally go through it, it has become a policy in the company.

 Some of my proud achievements include being mentioned in Forbes Magazine for my Business and College and becoming a certified Sleep Expert. 

  Days were hard and challenges were there but I always believe in the tagline that always dreams big. It is necessary to keep in mind that always work towards your Dreams and Never Give Up on them. Failures are common, but they are the key to success.

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