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When how we look becomes pleasing, everything else becomes so satisfying…

Sneha Mitra: It is expected that people who belong to a business family will turn out to be a businessman someday. Even my father who was a successful businessman had always wanted me to join his business. My wish however was different. I always wanted to explore the beauty and skincare industry. The best way to gain experience in any niche is to get a job in that sector, and thus, after graduation I pursued a job.


Things began to change when my father passed away in 2019. I lost my interest in the in-retail job and decided to have something of my own. After receiving some more training, I started in my field.

My clients have always been the heart of my business. They have showered me with love and respect. The most important part of my business was my Facebook community and they have supported me immensely from the beginning. 

The biggest challenge I face is maintaining the standard of my products at affordable rates and also managing everything simultaneously, as I also have to look after my small child.  Besides my products are freshly prepared when someone places an order, so delivering in time sometimes becomes a challenge

Just starting with 15000/- and now expanding my business pan India is a big achievement for me. Also, I have higher customer retention of about 78%. They come back to buy more.

The process begins at once when a client queries, and we go through a consultation and only after that the products are freshly prepared and dispatched.

It is quite a common notion that beauty comes from within. But standing in the 21st century, we just cannot ignore the fact that our exterior looks do matter. I try to guarantee that through my products and hope to serve more with this vision.

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