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Upskilling is that highway, that will make our journey better…

Nidhi Virmani: At a tender age, when youngsters choose to have fun, I decided to join Cipla as a Sales Representative. It was challenging initially because I had to manage my job and Master’s Certification Program simultaneously. 15 years of hard work and now I’m a Zonal Manager, thanks to my job that allowed me to explore my entrepreneurial nature.

The toughest period was I had to fulfill my motherly responsibilities as well as keep up with my corporate career. It was then that I took the first step of being an entrepreneur.

To tell you the truth, no matter how glittery it appears, the journey of becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t a cake walk but with her determination and perseverance, I made it. During the bitter crisis of 2020, when my play school was temporarily closed  It was a bitter reality that in the year 2020, I had no option but to take advantage of the crisis or wipe it out. I worked to upskill myself and then connected with several experts in varied fields and put on

track my scheme to deliver our services through online mode, this time also to the adults besides kids.

For my inspiring vision, I have been awarded the COVID Warrior, Education Support Award, Winner, 2022; Rising Entrepreneur (Education) by Powerful Women Transforming Nation

Awards 2022 for my contribution towards Women’s Empowerment. I was invited as an Eminent Speaker at Fempreneur Conference, Influencer Star Award 2021 (Edtech), issued by Karyashala Foundation, etc. I received the certificate of Appreciation from Navdrishti for my support and my humanitarian services offered during the Pandemic.  

To everyone who is hustling, I’d say that I firmly believe that you will get stones at every stage of your life. It’s up to you to decide what to do. Take it as a block, or build yourself a new road, the choice is yours. Always remember upskilling yourself is your best strategy to win. 

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