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The show must go on, no matter what!

Kasturi Basu: Life does give you lemons, but it’s up to you whether or not to make lemonade out of it. Despite failing in several businesses, I managed to climb back. But believe it or not, as a child I wanted to be the prime minister of India. It was as a teenager I started realising that I would be happy if I can create something which will give opportunities for a few other people to earn. It was in the 11th standard that the entrepreneurial bug bit me.

It was 2001, I started working with Anjana &Company as their paid director. While procuring materials for them, I learned how to make uPVC pipes, and decided to make a venture out of it. As I had no money, I gave my heart, brain, and energy to shape and nurture this company. I also initiated a second unit of this and remained with it unit till the procurement of machineries.

After that, life took a U-turn, was in Ahmedabad, got married, had a kid, and was also experiencing being a new mom which was challenging yet super fun. Due to different unavoidable situations, I returned to Kolkata with a 4 months son and started my consultancy for start-up companies. But that was not enough, so took some money from my father and started a pet bottle manufacturing business. It was going good until things went topsy-turvy, faced a tremendous loss and had to stop the business.

To support myself, started working as the chief editor for a US-based online magazine called The Minds Journal. While working closely with many Kolkata-based corporates I identified a void, starting from new business to established business, they lack a 360-degree approach to handling marketing. I started catering to small businesses for these needs, and in 2020 my partner Abhijit Halder joined in.

The biggest challenge was following my passion and choosing by following the path less travelled. Life experience teaches you everything. I grew up seeing the transformation of technologies, from the cordless telephone to the laptop. But things weren’t easy either, as I have trusted people, got cheated, and lost everything but started again, on my own.

I always believe in moments, moments that we create, moments that make us who we are. After all, one should never stop Learning, and never give up.

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