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The entrepreneurial life is like two sides of the same coin...

Chandni Chakraborty – After losing my father, my family was going through a difficult time. My mother was all alone, not talking to anyone, not going out anywhere, she completely shut everyone out. I wanted to be there for my mother but the pressure at my job was too much and it got too difficult to handle both my family crisis and my job and career. At first, like everyone, I tried out the 9-5 job course. After college, I gave interviews for companies, but something didn’t feel right. After my father passed, I knew it was time to leave my corporate job. I needed to make a place for myself that had space for my personal life, my family, and room for me to grow in my career too. 

This is what led me to start my own business. Starting my own business allowed me to dictate terms that accommodated both my personal and professional life. I am my own boss but the flip side of running a business is the lack of stability in financial terms.

The road wasn’t easy and without challenges, as a family, we were still struggling to deal with the death of my father.

My father was my everything, my best friend, my philosopher, my guide. My mother and sister were my pillars of support during this time. Together as a family we dealt with the loss and helped each other get our lives back on track. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for their love and support. 

Looking back, I’m proud of how far I have come. To people who are going through tough times, I’d like to say, “We all go through rough patches of uneven road, but we need to drive safely and reach our destination”.

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