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Thavi Achharya| Don’t define yourself in terms of other people. Create your own identity...

Initially as a child I wanted to be an author, but as I grew up my aims changed. I always wanted to have my own identity. 

As soon as I got into college and started to work as a freelancer in digital marketing for the sake of income. My life has been a series of challenges as at the early age of 16, I lost my father due to cancer who was the only earning member of the family. So I had to start work for running my family. I used to work throughout my college years and took up Content Writing Internships to manage my expenses. I was made fun of multiple times by my batch mates for not attending and enjoying college. But I was determined to work for my passion and to earn my daily expenses.

I managed my Internships, freelancing, and my college studies. Along with this, completed my studies with good grades. I believed in work-life balance so I worked freelancing so to have freedom and could create my own identity.

My interest in this field grew so much that I left my well-paid job for continuing my passion to be a freelancer and consultant in digital marketing.

While working for well-known digital marketing agencies, I realized that I am limiting my potential and could learn more in freelancing. A lot of people were against my decision of leaving a job to pursue freelancing but I was not satisfied with my corporate experience. Since that, I devoted my full time and hard work to freelance services and it has been an amazing experience. 

My achievements are – include completing a diploma in advanced digital marketing along with graduation. And completed my post-graduation from NMIMS in marketing management, and financed it myself. I have gotten the chance to work with reputed clients. And got selected in Uplers Talent Pool as a paid campaign specialist. 

I am grateful to my clients who believe in my work their feedback means a lot to me.

The message to emerging Entrepreneurs is – to be true to yourself and follow your passion. Create your constructs and follow your timelines.

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