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"Taranjot Singh Gulati | Hard work pays off – it beats talent any day..."

As a child, I always wanted to do something of my own. And entrepreneurship fascinated me a lot. That is why I am working hard to build something amazing.

My Entrepreneurial journey started in school where I used to organize events at small levels which resulted in the formation of my company Event Plus. More than 25+ corporate events across India have been organized by my company.

I have worked at KPMG as well for 6 months to manage my expenses. I used to wake up all night after my job to cope with the operations happening at my ventures. Currently, I have 3 running restaurants, an event management company, and an NGO by the name of Sachkhand Foundation which has more than 600+ volunteers.

The challenge I face today is time management. And I believe, managing time is the most crucial step in my life.

I tried to solve this problem by maintaining a to-do list for each day which helped me achieve small goals every day.

Achievements include Young Emerging Entrepreneur by WSCC Awards, Corona Vashisht Sewa Samman by NITI AAYOG, Govt Of India for my social service during Covid 2nd wave, I run 3 restaurants by the name of Xero Degrees, The Waffle Company, and Chai Garam, I run a branch of cloud kitchens of different cuisines, run a Non-Profit Organisation by the name of Sachkhand foundation which has more than 600 volunteers across India. We were famous for our event “ Period Stimulator for men” and many other prominent events.

The message to other emerging Entrepreneurs is that keep striving hard every day and keep 1 goal to achieve at a time and all the things you’ve always dreamt of will fall into place.


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