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Sourabh Sharma| I might fail 20 times with 20 ventures, but I am here for the long run and vision...

I was in class 12, covid hit and everything was closed, no one knew what to do or where to go including me. 

I then decided to explore the entrepreneurship course by Y Combinator as I was bored by the studies. I always knew that I didn't want to do the regular jobs, I wanted to build something new with my own hands that would be unique to me.  

I joined one company to learn everything and then left after 2-3 months. As soon as I entered college, the previous year in November, I started my first startup which was Sports news. It did well initially but after some time I realized that the team is not that good to proceed with it, so I had to take the decision to close it. It was not a failure but still it doesn't matter to people. People don't look at the learning, they just label the things as success or failure. 

After that I took a break of 4-5 months to reflect on it and learn more and upskill for the next venture. On this Navratri, I launched a podcast platform. Again starting with social media and converting it to an app, and a website for outsourcing podcasts free of cost for Indians.

On this Diwali I launched another venture which is a documentary platform, right now we are focusing on social media content and parallel-making products and business for Indians.

What inspires me to be in Media is that the media is a continuously changing space, and I get to know new audiences which is the cherry on the cake. 

I'm patriotic and in geopolitics, fortunately, and my motive is to make India again a golden bird, and see India growing as it was 1200 years ago by empowering the youth of India with our media products.

My message to everyone is: Let's build in India for Indians, and abroad.


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