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"Siddharth Ragi | Remember, you are capable of great things and deserve happiness and health..."

I always had an entrepreneurial spirit, with a natural curiosity and a love for problem-solving and innovation. Pursuing an engineering degree in college only reinforced my passion. My desire to make a positive impact and follow in my successful father's footsteps led me to become an entrepreneur.

I struggled with academics in college until attending entrepreneurship events at Bits Hyderabad sparked my interest. I met my mentor, Kalyan, who was showcasing his startup and offered to help grow his audience. Working with Kalyan and learning about the startup world was a life-changing experience and inspired me to pursue my own startup. With Kalyan's mentorship and support, I realized my passion for entrepreneurship and never looked back on my decision to make a difference through my own business.

Becoming an entrepreneur was challenging but rewarding. It required hard work, dedication, risk-taking, and perseverance. The journey included finding the right team and overcoming funding difficulties, but my drive and determination never wavered. Today, my startup is thriving and I hope to inspire others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. With hard work and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Overcoming self-doubt was my biggest challenge as an entrepreneur. I learned to set achievable goals, seek mentorship, and embrace fear as motivation. This journey helped me become confident and determined to succeed, leading to my success as an entrepreneur.

During our tenure, we’ve accomplished many milestones. A few of them being, First presentation at BITS-Hyd, Certified by Upgrad - startupindia Program, Represented India at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, Joined IIIT-Hyd Ecosystem, Being part of Indian School of Business incubation, Recognized by Silicon India as one of the top 10 mental health companies in India, Recognized by Startup India, Recognized by Symbiosis University.

My message to everyone would be to Never give up on your dreams. Hard work and determination can overcome any obstacle. As an entrepreneur, I know the challenges of building a business, but keeping a positive outlook and believing in yourself can help push through any setbacks. Additionally, don't neglect your mental health while pursuing your goals. Self-care and seeking support are crucial to maintaining both happiness and well-being. Remember, you are capable of great things and deserve happiness and health.

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