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Shweta Pathak | 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023

Shweta Pathak transitioned from a successful career in IT to become a renowned name in the world of high jewelry in 2012. 

With a background in computer science engineering, an executive MBA from IIFT Delhi, and experience at esteemed companies like IBM and TechMahindra, her journey is a testament to resilience, passion, and the pursuit of excellence. 

Shweta’s story unfolded in 2011, fueled by a confluence of life's twists and turns.  From a high-achieving student to a young mother navigating career and family, her journey took unexpected turns. Inspired by her family's heirloom collection, she took the plunge into the world of gems and jewelry. With determination, she pursued gemology and diamond grading, learning the ropes of the industry. Aakarshan was born out of her passion, supported by her family and the valuable experiences she gained.

Her insights are rooted in her commitment to perfection and fair treatment of artisans. Aakarshan emphasizes craftsmanship, uniqueness, and storytelling in every piece. Her journey teaches us the importance of mentorship, continuous learning, and the courage to pivot when necessary. 

Her lessons underscore the significance of understanding the market, supply chain dynamics, and the art of positioning a brand in the luxury segment.

For Shweta, success is about creating opportunities, preparation meeting mentorship, and unwavering commitment to Aakarshan's vision. The brand stands for purity, pride, panache, personalized creations, patriotism, pull, and prettiness – a reflection of her dedication to excellence and her belief in global impact with local roots. She acknowledges the pivotal role her family, especially her daughter Sanskruti, played in her entrepreneurial journey. Her mother and husband became pillars of support, enabling her to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Aakarshan Gems and Jewelry's success timeline is marked by strategic milestones, from the first exhibition in 2012 to launching collections with renowned platforms. Awards and recognitions, such as Entrepreneur of the Year and Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs, validate her commitment to excellence.

She identifies challenges in the lack of knowledge about gemstones in India and the undervaluation of designer jewelry. Overcoming these challenges involved a deep understanding of the industry, leveraging social media, and positioning Aakarshan as a luxury brand.

Aakarshan Gems and Jewelry specializes in handcrafted designer diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, jadau, and polki. Each piece is a unique creation, crafted with precision and elegance. The brand's categorization based on wearability reflects its commitment to meeting diverse customer needs.

Shweta’s journey inspires with its blend of determination, strategic planning, and a focus on creating a niche in the luxury segment. Her advice to the youth emphasizes starting small, dreaming big, and embracing challenges while staying true to oneself. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to understand their segment, work towards goals, and build businesses that self-sustain.

In a country where career choices often align with traditional norms, Shweta's transition from a successful IT career to the world of high jewelry is a testament to breaking stereotypes and pursuing one's dreams fearlessly. As a first-generation jeweler hailing from a tier 3 city, Shweta faced numerous challenges, yet her commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and strategic vision catapulted Aakarshan Gems and Jewelry into becoming a luxury brand. 

Her success not only showcases the potential for innovation in unexpected places but also inspires aspiring entrepreneurs across India to embrace their unique journeys, overcome challenges, and carve their paths towards success with unwavering dedication. Shweta Pathak stands as a beacon of inspiration, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship and individuality in the diverse landscape of Indian business.

This Story is brought to you from the book: 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023.

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