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Sarah Zia | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine January 2023

Sarah Zia, founder of Fluff in a Cup, a home bakery, has always had a love for baking. She started experimenting with cupcakes almost 10 years ago and since then, there has been no stopping her.

She has taken workshops and taught people all over the world, and her passion has now turned into a profession. Starting a business is not easy, especially in the highly competitive baking industry.

Sarah believes that it is important to find your niche and work on that rather than doing what everyone else is doing. With the support of her family, she was able to kickstart her business with a small investment from her dad.

One of the biggest challenges Sarah faced as a woman entrepreneur was the lack of recognition for her work. People often did not take her business seriously, assuming she was mostly free since she worked from home.

However, Sarah persevered and worked hard to overcome this obstacle. Today, she is recognized for her skills and expertise in baking, and also offers digital marketing coaching for businesses.

Sarah believes that the biggest challenge faced by women entrepreneurs today is the struggle to do it all - at home and at work. She feels that support and motivation are key to overcome this challenge. Her advice to everyone is to be patient, persevere, and love what you do.

In conclusion, Sarah Zia is a true inspiration to budding entrepreneurs. She has followed her passion and turned it into a successful business. Her passion, perseverance, and love for baking have helped her overcome the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and achieve success in her field.

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