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Saaket Tharad| I forced myself to go on an entrepreneurial journey to become...

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

I forced myself to go on an entrepreneurial journey to become a better version of myself…

I never had entrepreneurship in my mind but I wanted myself to open up and reach more people. I also had the wish to inspire the upcoming generation with my work, so I forced myself to become an entrepreneur because I thought it could help me be a better version of myself and would help me achieve my goals.

Previously, I didn't think of giving entrepreneurship a legitimate thought but I finally started my entrepreneurial journey in 2020 with the aim to learn as much as possible. What I had no idea about was that I could achieve so much in a little amount of time. I never thought that in just 2.5 years I would be in this position.

Everybody thinks that entrepreneurship is fun but it isn't a fairytale. My entrepreneurial journey was very tough initially because I did not know much about the industry at that time. Also, I did not have a background in the industry so I had no one who could guide me. But as time passed and as I got more and more experience in the field, I got better at understanding the industry inside out. And over time things started to become easier and since we hired a team 6 months back we only kept improving with every new client.

No one's entrepreneurial journey is without challenges, but that's what you have to do right, you have to overcome your challenges in order to be a better version of yourself. My biggest challenge was to overcome the mentality of our society which thinks that if you have some kind of disability either you will do some job or nothing. I never liked this mentality and wanted to prove them wrong with my success. From the beginning, I was a person who ignored all the outside noise and talked to himself. But with time I learned that people should not affect me so much and I should do whatever works for me, even if it is just being myself and not talking to many people.

My message to everyone is: Entrepreneurship is not subjective to circumstances, stop giving excuses for not being an entrepreneur.

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