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Saiqa Parveen | The Entrepreneurs of India Youngpreneur Magazine August 2022

Saiqa Parveen had always dreamt to be a proper businesswoman, unlike others who usually step on this path after situations make them do so. She was interested in clothing for as long as she can remember and considers it a very therapeutic exercise. For some painting relaxes their nerves, for others it’s music that does the job; similarly engaging herself in the colorful world of clothes was the healer in Saiqa’s case.

She believes multitasking was difficult at first but like every other amusing woman, she mastered this skill in time. Multitasking does not specifically mean managing a personal and private life, it also means managing resources at work. Dealing with people and ideas can be an exhausting thing to do when you begin to do it daily.

Being innovative was another challenge because it is the new that sells. Coming up with creative thoughts and profitable schemes was an exciting struggle, especially when you want to profit not only yourself but the society as well. It is prominent that if one is original with products, then the person can reach a larger audience. The online portal opened up better opportunities to overcome this obstacle of exposure.

She initiated the venture, ‘Sobia’s Creation’ with the dream of giving back to the people through philanthropy and charity. Although saw her share of darkness, there never was room for dullness. Everything sparked with a flicker of enthusiasm and curiosity here and there. She is extremely passionate about this line and wishes to see it go global someday.

Parveen is an avid believer of doing what you love and love what you do, for only then can you be content within. Being adept in one field is better than being average in four. As the saying goes, ‘a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.’ Saiqa also encourages virtues of honesty and loyalty. She says, “Be loyal and true to yourself. Do not let yourself down.”

She takes pride in belonging to a nation where the youth is gathering courage to enter this tricky domain. This generation is making a difference, changing hearts, and inspiring dreams of millions.

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