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Riddhi Chhabria Asrani| Confidence is everything in the business...

Coming from the background of the family business, since childhood I was determined to work on my own. I always wanted to be independent. 

After completing my master’s degree at NYU, I thought of accepting a job offer from the company where I was interning at. I had worked for 3 other big media houses in India. Then, my father insisted to start my own business rather than working for someone else.

Since then, I started with a person who was in charge of getting new clients. Initially, we had 4-6 clients and started growing my team, on-boarded specialists, someone who is good at creating content, someone for SEO + SEM, and another for running ads. And then formed a team of 6 people.

And the journey of entrepreneurship started. Now when I look back I could not believe how we started and currently working with 60+ full-time people and offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi.

Major challenges which I faced in the last few years were when I started getting people to invest in digital marketing. Businessmen and educated people were not aware of the benefits of digital marketing and it was difficult to convince them to hire me and I had to convince them why should they invest in digital marketing. Also at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, from having 35+ active clients to having only 2 and paying for a team of 30 people was tough. but we sailed through.

My achievements include we have 3 branches now, a team in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi, and working with multiple brands that are listed and many international clients. We help brands get popular, and help them get sales. We have a big team, so whatever the client needs, we have a resource to fulfill it.

Message to other emerging Entrepreneurs Don't beat up yourself if things don't go as per plan, everything falls into place eventually.

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