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Charan K Singh|Recognising the loopholes in the market and fixing them is the key to a successful...

Charan Kamal Singh: I was always interested in the hospitality sector. While I was growing up, the Cafe culture was not so popular but it was growing. I used to curiously observe the Cafe culture which was still growing. I have always been mesmerized by the idea of Cafés. I observed how the Cafe culture is about providing a whole different experience instead of just providing food. Food has always been a passion for me. I wanted to find a gap in the market. This was when I realised that my area lacked a place where people could enjoy fine dining and a good ambience. 

My entrepreneurship journey has been a journey like no other. I realised there was a gap in the market. Often, youngsters from tier 2 cities fantasize about the idea of spending quality time in a Cafe with a good ambience at a reasonable rate. I observed that a lot more people today are interested in trying new foods, and they don’t want to travel to distant places for these experiences. The desire to give the people of my area the best experience pushed me towards this sector.  I have been passionate about what I do so that I can be a game changer in the market. Having a supportive team which is more like a family is also a crucial part of the journey. 

Entrepreneurship is nothing but a journey of challenges. In my industry, the challenge was to get good manpower who were passionate about their work. I have worked to improve my team so that my goals are aligned with my team. 

It’s all about figuring out gaps in the market and being passionate about serving people with the best experience.

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