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Pranav Bhaven Savla| Your idea can be bigger than you think!

I was not sure about being an entrepreneur when I was a child. I mainly just wanted to code as I enjoyed it. I did have a knack for creating stuff, though.

It all started 4 years ago when I was at the tender age of 12. That was when I started thinking of this idea and planning everything.

My entrepreneurial journey has been hard, in fact it still is hard. Every decision I take can have a profound impact in either way: good or bad. Each and every  decision has to be thought of very carefully, and there is always an impending risk of not succeeding. However, I have found it equally if not more fulfilling. It is a challenge that leads to great levels of satisfaction once jumped over. What makes this even more interesting in a thrilling way is the fact that, being a 16-year-old as of the time of writing, finding guidance from similarly aged people is hard. I have to find my own way in a world that does not think of teenagers as business leaders.

The fear of being judged has always been a challenge for me. As someone who was born blind, it was, at the beginning, extremely hard to function without having a negative prediction about my future made by others. The simple way to overcome this, according to me, turned out to just be to believe, to not focus on the naysayers and just to accept the critical feedback. You should be your own motivation. 

Don't be afraid to fail. If you have an idea, just go for it. You can never predict what will happen in the future, so the best thing to do is try your best and trust that things will work out ok. Follow your heart, and make everything else secondary. That is the thing I do and I would suggest others to do too. 


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