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Piyush Mohan Agrawal| Believe you can and you are halfway there...

As a child, I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. Whenever I used to ask my parents, teachers, and friends, they always suggested getting a professional course and good grades. They wanted me to have a high-paying job and that life will be set. I believed in this in my childhood. It was during the lockdown in March 2020, I worked with a company related to Self drive-car rental program. But as the lockdown was extending, my income was going down which affected me a lot. After that, I shared my problem with my aunt and she suggested I work for a Travel business as per market needs. But then I came up with a new idea of entrepreneurship. I started Self drive rental program and chose my career as an entrepreneur.

Through my entrepreneurial journey, I could say one should himself while doing a startup. One should have trust in his business and 100% believe in the process. What people would think about our business or anything must not notice. One should have complete knowledge of the product, project, and services. After all, it’s all about, consistency, dedication, honesty, and sincere efforts which will provide the best results.

During my journey, there were no such challenges rather I passed the examinations at the step of my life to grow more and more. I have always tried to probe myself and fulfill my dreams. My achievements are that I started with one car and now I own ten cars. I have been invited to the Airline and Hotel management academy at my college fresher’s party to share my experience of my entrepreneurial journey. I have developed the habit of reading books and heading for more achievements in the process.

Self Drive Car rental services include the services in which you can rent any car for 1 or more days. In this you can drive the car on your own and also drivers can be provided for short or long trips.

One message to other emerging Entrepreneurs is don’t be afraid to start anything new. It is just an experience either you will grow or learn but nothing to lose. If you want different results you have to do something different, as the same path leads to the Same results. 

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