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Not just thoughts, but we are also what we eat…

Isha Thukral:  It was from the childhood days that I always dreamt about being financially independent. however, I never thought about being an entrepreneur. But where I am today, is not a one-day job, rather my journey towards entrepreneurship is a result of several smaller steps which I had taken before taking this big plunge.


I started being an entrepreneur in 2019 and recently started my career as a clinical dietician while also providing freelancing services to clients. I was searching for a name to put on my business card, a name that certainly represents what my business is all about and would let people know the ethos of my work, and this is how my venture’s name came into existence.


When I started this business, my biggest motivator was to improve the health of my clients holistically. I received most of my work from client referrals and Google reviews since the beginning of 2019 my business has grown exponentially and has been immensely satisfying for me.

As a new entrepreneur, I realised that passion is only one aspect of the process, as I had to learn a lot of other aspects of the business in a short period, including marketing, creating visibility for the brand and growing the client base. I have since tried to market my brand quite active on social media and this has led to the growth of my business.

Some of my achievements include positively transforming people’s lives, getting testimonials of my work from clients, treating people with lifestyle disorders like diabetes, thyroid, pcod, and insulin resistance and educating people about the relationship with the food they consume. 

I am always striving to motivate and empower clients to work on their health positively. And my venue has made me realise that our bodies are our temple and we become what we eat. 


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