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Nikhil Mishra : India's Biggest Digital Artist.

Nikhil Mishra is the name behind the glorious digital art of "Lord Rama" which is ruling the internet now a days. He is a digital artist and illustrator from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

In 2017-18, he personified the river Narmada as "Maa Narmada" through his digital art. It was his first art as digital artist. It was the beginning of his journey and from then he never looked back. This painting got special attention during" Narmada bachao andolan" in Madhya Pradesh. Many posters and pamphlets were published using his artwork which gave him the motivation to work for humanity as well as spirituality.

He feels the sense of proud in his arts and consider his arts as the blessing of supreme Lord. He defines digital art quite different from traditional art. Digital artists get more horizon of imagination and creativity.Chances of correcting the mistakes is more available to digital artists as compared to traditional artists.

Even after being from a generation which had more traditional art, Nikhil was mesmerized to see few pieces of digital art over the internet. He finished his viral "Lord Rama" Painting in just twenty minutes and he consider it the result of blessing of God along with his hard work and talent. He treat art as the form of expressing emotions. Whatever an artist feels, he expresses it through art. So the thoughts of Nikhil Mishra himself can be understood through his artworks.

As an artist, sometimes he gets baffled by the incidents of giving no credits to him. An artist wants nothing but the credit for his artworks. So he requests the people to give credits to the artists as it motivates them to do better. Getting recognition for work is one of the best feeling and he wants to get the same for his art pieces.But even after not getting credit in many places, he never gave up on his strong desire to spread his artworks. He has compromised with such copyright infringement situation and is moving ahead of these things.

As per him he has played the role of Lord Rama, Lord Shiva etc in many dramas of his area and for the same reason he is capable of feeling the spirituality at deeper level which is getting reflected in his artworks. His personal experiences are the source of motivation and inspiration for all of his works.

His meeting with the popular singer of bollywood industry "Kailash Kher"is a memorable one for him.He was showered with applause and praises from this famous singer. Mr. Kailash Kher met him personally after seeing his Digital Lord Shiva image .

Till now he is the sole and only member involved in making arts in his team. Other friends of his team are involved in the selling of arts in hard copy format. His paintings are in demand from all over the world and this team is really helping him fulfill the demand of his customers.

Nikhil mishra believes in doing best at work with all perfection. He thinks one should not do the kind of art about which they are not aware and even if someone is trying it, they must get the proper knowledge and details of those particular thing.

Nikhil mishra has got a lot of popularity in very less amount of time. Hundreds of messages, calls from many admirers from different parts of world over his different social media platforms motivates him to keep up the good work further.

Journey to finally setting as Digital artist has not been easy for him. He did various diploma courses and wasted many years in finding his real interest. But once he found his interest, he covered this journey with maximum pace . As per him "Choose a profession which you can do for lifetime without getting bored ever. This is possible only if we do something of our real interest". That's the real and most perfect way to choose our profession.

One mistake of a person can drag them many steps back. So one must avoid the mistakes as far as possible. One must face the struggle with courage to become successful. He emphasize on hard work and perfection for a successful career in the field of art.

When asked about other source of inspiration for arts, he said that India is full of possibilities and diversities. An artist can get the best motivation from Indian culture. So he considers himself lucky to take birth on the land of "Bharatvarsh".

Very recently he was invited as the Judge in SVKM's Mithibai College of Arts, Mumbai , which filled him with happiness and pride. He was overwhelmed to get the love and respect of Artlovers .

When asked about his simple life and simplicity of living, he said that people are living the life of flaunt and show off now a days. But one must understand the deeper truth of life and not get blown away by the materialistic world.Now a days good things are less talked about and unnecessary things are getting popularity overnight. This must end as soon as possible because it will ultimately impact the future generations. He requests the people that everyone should become spiritual and focus on knowledge rather than materials. Only a spiritual and peaceful life can be a happy life.

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