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Everything about BIZENCE 2024 by SIES Graduate School of Technology

Updated: Apr 30

The Entrepreneurship Cell of SIESGST is a non profit student organisation dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of India. To achieve this, we conduct events which help spread our message. We also have an incubation team which helps advise and foster the ideas of students who dream of building their own startup.

E-Cell conducts various speaker sessions throughout the year. The sessions feature reputed professionals of their respective industries and provide insights to the world of businesses and give advice to the young students for their future endeavors.

E-Cell SIESGST also releases blogs on a weekly basis on Medium. These blogs tackle subjects useful to people unfamiliar with entrepreneurship as well those who are. Sign up to read our blogs.

SIES Graduate School of Technology is back with a unique spin on the 6th Edition of the National Level Business Plan Competition, BIZENCE 2024. BIZENCE aims to raise the bar for business plan competitions and support entrepreneurs and their skillsets and therefore,spread the culture of entrepreneurship throughout the country.

The event will be held on 22nd and 23rd of March and will be structured as a 24-hour hackathon. The event will begin with a BMC and Ideation workshop and teach the participants about creating a business model canvas and how to create and cultivate ideas. The participants will then spend the night cultivating their ideas to prepare for the first elimination round. They will be supported by a group of mentors, who will guide and provide advice related to their ideas.

Finally, the shortlisted participants will pitch their final ideas for a panel discussion with CEOs and founders of various companies as judges.

Winners will receive cash prizes upwards of Rs.80000 and every participant will receive goodies and a national level certificate.

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