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E-Gnite '24 Sparks Entrepreneurial Revolution: Igniting Tomorrow's Business Leaders

E-Gnite '24: Igniting the Flames of Tomorrow's Business Leaders Forget boring business conferences! E-Gnite '24, the flagship event by SRMIST's E-Cell, was an explosion of inspiration that rocked over 800 attendees on March 18th, 2024.

Held at the TP Ganesan Auditorium (one of Asia's largest, no less!), this wasn't your average lecture snoozefest. E-Gnite '24 transcended networking and knowledge-sharing – it was a full-on entrepreneurial bootcamp! Imagine a room buzzing with energy, fueled by ideas instead of coffee. That was E-Gnite '24!

The event featured powerhouse speakers like Rupavahini Selvaraj (HCLTech Associate Director and NATWEST VP extraordinaire) and Ankush R Barjata (DEEVA founder, Shark Tank finalist, and a proud SRMIST alumnus). Their talks were packed with insights on leadership and the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, leaving attendees fired up to chase their dreams. But E-Gnite '24 wasn't just about listening.

Aspiring entrepreneurs got to pitch their ideas in startup showdowns and surprise audience challenges. The "Entrepreneurial Antakshari" game tested their business smarts with a dash of fun, and winners walked away with awesome goodies. This epic event wouldn't have been possible without The Entrepreneurs of India and sponsors like InterviewBit, Pyzaql, and AAIKYAM. Every detail, from introducing inspiring faculty to the closing remarks urging attendees to become the next generation of innovators, was meticulously planned and bursting with passion.

E-Gnite '24 wasn't just informative – it was a full-on launchpad for future business leaders! As the event wrapped, the energy was electric. The air crackled with inspiration and the promise of lifelong connections.

E-Gnite '24 wasn't just an event; it was a testament to the power of collaboration and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. Attendees left with hearts full of gratitude, minds brimming with ideas, and the E-Gnite '24 spirit burning bright. They're ready to take on the world with creativity, leadership, and a plan to make a real difference

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