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Nikhil Kumar Mishra|Never start a business just to make money. Start a business to make a difference


I believe Entrepreneurship needs hard work for a long time. If someone chooses it to be a shortcut due to its flexible lifestyle, it is the wrong way of Life and just hype.

Being an entrepreneur, one must find ways to learn more and more to gain experience in Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs don’t just want to change their lives but want to change the world.

Being accepted in the past is always advised to work for the beginner years to get some experience and then jump into the world of entrepreneurship. But, as we see, in recent times, there are numerous examples of young entrepreneurs entering into it without any prior experience and exposure. Also, the young ones possess more passion and motivation level than old-age entrepreneurs despite less experience.

I continue to learn and grow through my entrepreneurial journey. Also, I followed the lessons and applied them to each business I am related to I believe in planning business ideas and acting upon them as soon as possible. Make plans for the short term and adapt them according to the changing scenario of business. I believe in planning business ideas for nearly six months and working accordingly. Instead of wasting time on drafting plans for a longer time as circumstances change rapidly.

Entrepreneurship is hard work and takes a lot of time to be a path but I believe one must not sacrifice family and friends and social life. In that case, If you fail in business, you lose both relationships and business.

At one time, I was just focused on myself and my business which leads to a negative impact. Always try to help others in their journey otherwise it will be a lonely journey. Now I have changed and make time for others also.

During my journey, I faced family problems and financial conditions, but I was determined to do something to change all the situations with the help of online earnings. Also to help people learn about how to make money online and digital marketing.

My achievements consist of achieving a Mobile phone through self-made learning along with other gadgets.

I always believe that helping each other to grow can go a long way. My deep regards for everyone, who are out there helping entrepreneurs like us to prosper.

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