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Mehvish Moinuddin Kokni| Believe in yourself and your abilities...

Believe in yourself and your abilities always and with success you will gain a lot of self confidence

As a child, I was very shy. I was never an extrovert in my school days. However, I was a very bright student but lacked an entrepreneurial mindset. I never thought about starting something of my own. I had always imagined my future to study.

As I was a bright student, studying was the only plan. I passed the SSC examinations. I thought of being an entrepreneur when I was a mother and parenting my 2 year old.

I wanted to do something from home to carve my own identity and earn independently and also to be responsible with my mommy duties, that's when the idea of starting an online clothing store hit my mind.

My entrepreneurial journey had difficulties at every point of the journey. I worked hard from the start to expand my business. It is a continuous process so you can't wait and stop, you have to keep going and updating your customers with new launches and trends daily. As an online store we need to be active on all social media platforms.

I would say in business rather than in life as Alhumdulillah by god's grace I come from a good family so the biggest challenge in my business was in the start to find new customers and resellers online.

A major task also was to build up the trust about quality and delivery assurance as it is an online selling platform. In conclusion, I experienced that hardwork and patience are the keys to success. And success brings a lot of self confidence too.

I would advise all the women and girls that we all have potential and we should not restrict it only to do daily household chores and be a housewife and limit ourselves to the narrow mindset that women are meant only to be in the kitchen. We can surely do our household duties and we can succeed in our careers and achieve our goals simultaneously too.

My message to everyone would be: Spread your wings and fly high, for you are destined to touch the sky. Hardwork and patience are key to success.


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