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Mehul Purohit, heading one of India's biggest PR Agency, Multiphase Digital!

A believer perceives the opportunity in every hardship, whereas a pessimist sees the trouble in every opportunity. Rowing in the same boat, Mr. Mehul Purohit is an opportunist and self-made young entrepreneur. Mehul has always been curious about business because he has been adept at making connections, and he is also responsible for keeping the family's finances in order.

His passion for exploring the world is what drove him to start his business, and he is now living his goal of traveling the globe.The road to being a successful self-made business was paved with many obstacles. Since his dad's demise when he was in ninth grade, he and his family have been struggling to make ends meet. Being from a lower middle-class background, simply considering starting a company would have been a huge thing, but he didn't stop to consider the implications; he jumped right in.

Many people told him when he first began his business that he was wasting his time.He established his business, but it was really tough to secure the initial finances since our culture is not conscious of entrepreneurship; he had a lot of difficulties during bootstrapping, and so on.

With his brother and his mom by his side, he was able to keep his chin up in the face of adversity. Even though it was tough to get initial capital, he was able to launch his company.

Due to a lack of alternatives, he taught himself graphic design using just his ancient Android, YouTube, and Canva. He began putting money aside as soon as he started making money and eventually bought the technology.

His company specializes in branding and provides first-rate press releases, social media marketing, and everything else that is required for profitable digital marketing. Multiphase Digital (his company) hand-selects local companies, individuals, and products/services to advertise at rock-bottom prices. It values compassion more than profit. Once new businesses have stabilized, the company can count on them as long-term customers. It advocates for all kinds of businesses, products, and services so that everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

It is the best SEO company in India since it has the largest content writing team in the country. Their digital branding services include the development of specialized platforms like IMDb and Google Knowledge Panel creation.

At this point, Mehul has spoken at twenty or more educational institutions, and several attendees have been so moved by his narrative that they have begun working on their own startups. He wishes to and has moved even more people including those who mocked him.

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