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"Meghna Ghodawat| A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all..."

Founder of Skin project and Classic Basics Couture. I used to mix creams and powders and monitor the fermentation process. Being passionate about creating skincare products, I was sure of entering the Skinceuticals industry.  Coming from the Family of doctors and engineers, my skincare products have a strong scientific backing.

At the age of 23, we started with skin care formulas both consumables and wearables. We paved the way for the liquid collagen-based skin care drink in India and are also pioneers in making SPF fashion, popular internationally.  It was my strong desire to educate people so that they can benefit from them. This idea encouraged me to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

My journey as an entrepreneur involves constant product innovation as the relationship between skin and the environment is ever-changing. Consistent people education is important so that the community is aware of how the right skin care solutions can help deal with various skin care problems.  Today, with people experiencing benefits, our business is growing organically. 

With Skin Project, we set the ball rolling for a very new business concept in India. But the foremost challenge was people’s awareness where we explained with legitimate backing the positive health impact of consuming our skincare drink. When it comes to skincare, the products have to be evolving constantly. Many times, we improve the formulation without even marketing the product because product effectiveness is of prime importance.

The message to other emerging Entrepreneurs is Figuring out and fixing people's problems sets the blueprint for budding entrepreneurs.

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