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Megha Bajaj| Work hard, party harder is an old adage. My Truth is Party At Work Itself!

As a child, I always knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur because of the freedom it offers, being able to live my own idea and have control over my work timings and growth. It aligns with my love for freedom and the ability to live life on my own terms.

My love for words was what led me to establish my company, Wonders of Words (WoW). It has four different verticals.

The first is WoW 3 L's: The WoW 3 L's curriculum for schools aims to develop students' proficiency in the English language, life skills, and leadership skills through activities and experiential learning. The curriculum is developed by a bestselling author and has been implemented in schools for many years, resulting in a significant rise in average English grades and behavioral changes in students.

The program also offers robust teacher training and opportunities for fun and interactive classes. It is a teacher-centric program that is designed to inspire students to become their best selves and is a beacon of hope for all students, not just the toppers or backbenchers. The curriculum is subsidized and is considered a must-have for every school. 

The Second in Wings On Words - an Online Writing and Healing Workshop that aims to help individuals clear their minds, identify patterns and blocks, and achieve better health and well-being through writing. It also aims to help individuals gain an edge in their profession through empowered communication, set goals and achieve them with the help of a mentor. Spiritually, it leads to greater peace and harmony within oneself and relationships through the practice of quality ME time. People doing WoW have become published authors, bestsellers, won national and international awards, found jobs in top media houses and discovered a happier, lighter self.

The third is - authoring books. As an author, I have written several books including "Thank You Cancer" "I Inspire" "The Breakthrough" and many others which have sold thousands of copies and inspired readers across the globe. It was a moment to be touted as one of the fifty most influential authors by Delhi Wire in 2021 and win many other awards like, most-read writer for infinithoughts magazine (read across 65 countries) and for also being shortlisted for Crossword best book in non-fiction category. 

The fourth is - writing scripts for movies and webseries: I have recently started writing film scripts and have exciting projects in the works. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my stories and connect with audiences through my writing.

The incredible work that Megha has been doing led her to win, for two consecutive years, the prestigious Mumbai's Woman Leaders Award which is given after much research to twenty five most inspiring and influential women of a city.

One can connect with us at, 8008029655, or on Instagram @AuthorMeghaBajaj. You can drop us an email on

The one message that I would like to give every person is: Do what makes you happy in life. Life is too short to waste on negative thoughts, fears, and criticism. Follow your passions and make every day exciting by doing what you love. The secret to success is to love what you do so much that it doesn't feel like work at all. Work hard, party harder is an old adage. My Truth is Party At Work Itself!

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