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Meet Zion Gragasin, Redefining 3D across Asia!

Zion Gragasin: As a child, each of us aspired to become a leader in the future and so, even I dreamed of being a strong figure. I was greatly influenced by my parent's passion for architecture and interior design. My father, being a civil engineer, used to take me along on his projects where I used to watch how buildings are designed. These significantly influenced my ambition to become an architect and pursue a career as a designer. It was at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone was affected badly in terms of employment. Even so, I applied to different companies, and then I was offered a remote position with an architectural firm based in New Delhi, India.  Also, I received several job opportunities from international countries, so I worked on various projects part-time. It resulted in me growing and connecting internationally which supported me to establish an architectural firm that could provide services to clients globally and remotely.

Initially, I worked on 3D modeling and digital visualization of architectural buildings as clients preferred the modern approach over the conventional manual drafting and sketching. And now, as the principal architect of my firm, I oversee the design process from conceptualization through project completion, ensuring that every output adheres to the design principles, client demands, and company standards. Moreover, being a business owner takes a lot of effort and hard work, even the duty of planning and managing daily business operations.

ZG Architects is an architectural firm that specializes in 3D modeling, 3D visualization, and architectural design services for residential, commercial, hospitality, and industrial buildings. With the use of 3D modeling software and realistic rendering, clients may now experience the design process before the building is erected. Furthermore, we work on a wide range of new buildings, and architectural interiors, as well as the renovation, conversion, and rehabilitation of existing structures. With years of expertise working with both domestic and international customers, ZG Architects has built a reputation for producing high-quality projects using cutting-edge software and advanced technologies.

Like other entrepreneurs, each one faces challenges. In the initial days, I used to get fewer projects due to the covid pandemic. In this world of architecture and design, huge and renowned firms dominate the market. Due to this, I realized that knowing marketing is as important as having skills and talents in the era of competition. So, I worked on sales strategies and showcased past projects to the target audience, especially in a digital age where everything is shared and viewed online. This resulted in client interaction and received several referrals too.

People could connect with us in the following ways -

Company Name: ZG Architects

WhatsApp Number: +639 554702404


LinkedIn company profile:

LinkedIn profile:

My achievements in my Entrepreneurial journey are expanding our services from the domestic to the international market and getting featured on the cover of Women Entrepreneur India magazine and as one of the "Top 10 Interior Designers in Asia" in the November 2022 issue, inspiring women leaders and aspiring young generations worldwide.

One message for other emerging Entrepreneurs is success in a career path is defined by one's ability and determination, not by how many failures one has experienced. Remember, you'll never understand the meaning of triumph unless you've experienced failure. Nevertheless, passion is what drives an entrepreneur to succeed because rather than working out of necessity, you are doing what you love, and this is where success begins.


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