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Meet Ayush Ashtana, revolutionizing the event industry through Ayush Ashtana Events.

Ayush Asthana: "I was 19 when I started my company but discovered the world considered me too young to be an entrepreneur. Although as a child I wanted to be a software developer, the thought of having my own business was always on my mind. At about 13, I decided to be a CSE. Despite my eligibility, I was unable to get admitted to my preferred college. And on top of that, my college lacked the ambiance I was looking for.

Then I ended up in an internship under a DJ, who got me introduced to the world of events. Lights, sounds, stage, decor, planning, designing, everything took my heart, and that's where I decided to pursue it. After working under several firms, one day I launched Ayush Asthana Events (AAE). The struggle began from there as I got no clients. It was then that from designing to wedding planning, I learned everything about doing business, tie-ups, branding, social media, etc, and started approaching people for weddings and one day finally got a wedding planning in Delhi.

The biggest challenge was in Covid, I lost a deal worth lakh. At a point, I almost thought of shutting it down as due to the pandemic, I was shooting for debts. I was about to fall off but then, I got a luxury wedding deal, the last ray of hope. Almost two years after that incident, we are now soaring high. I collaborated with the Vishal-Shekhar Concert tour, Guru Randhawa, and a lot of other big IPs. We were nominated by Espousal Global wedding Exhibition and wedmegood User Choice Awards, 2021. We also won the India Nightlife Entreprenrial Achiever of the year 2021 award. AAE is a complete Wedding Planner company in Lucknow, that specializes in wedding decoration and planning. Our service area covers:






You can book at or connect with us on @ayushasthanaevents or 6392777898 or email us at

Above everything, I’ll say that there's no right age to begin. There will be people and times where you'll think that maybe it’s not the right time, but keep hustling and you’re going to succeed.

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