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"Manzil ko chahat mante wahi , jiske jazbe se darti lehre bhi!"

Every flower hopes to bloom with love and care. What if you cut that flower halfway and plant it somewhere? After the death of my parents, I felt the same. My mother left for her eternal journey while I was in studying in class 12. And even before I could cope with the biggest loss of my life, the pain, and suffering; I lost my Dad too which made me left with a hell lot of responsibilities, pressure, and my constant friend- pain!

Being from a middle-class family, it was a great pressure to shoulder a huge bunch of personal responsibilities while my career was unsettled. All of this moulded me to think differently. When survival was the question, you either have to do or die. It took around 2 years to understand and realize my aim to be an entrepreneur.

I started my journey working with a start-up as a management team member to understand and explore the start-up ecosystem which gave me immense experience, knowledge, vision, and enthusiasm to move ahead. The amalgamation of hard work, struggle, passion, success, money, loss, motivation, and enthusiasm has led me to choose my career as an Entrepreneur.

At every stage, I have taken lead roles under Project Management, for wise decision-making and designing perfect scaling plans. All of my dedication, hard work, and passion have given me immense knowledge and exposure to working with clients globally. Unfortunately, I had to take an exit from that start-up because of some partner issues.

Though the situation was terrible, I positively took everything and started to look over for opportunities. Coming from an automotive background, and my personal experiences, I chose to build a solution around a disorganized repair industry. I researched a lot, went through numerous articles, made field visits, and surveys, and finally started working on my start-up as the founder & CEO.

The biggest challenge that I have faced in my life is to think of my life without my parents. I won't say I have completely overcome this, but every day and every moment I think, all my efforts, passion, and hard work to chase my vision is seen by my parents somewhere which can bring some happiness to them. I also want their names to be remembered by this world for my success.

Some of my accomplishments include being a business owner In Delhi, and the founder & CEO of my latest venture. My start-up is recognized with DPIIT, having been validated, backed, and incubated at ATAL INCUBATION CENTRE, PINNACLE, PUNE, AND ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (EDC), Kanpur, India.

Though my path was hard, I felt in my journey that, When everything seems to be going against you, remember the airplane takes off against the wind and not with it!

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