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Mahin Siraj Saudagar| Believing in yourself is the most important part…

As a child, I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. It all arose when I completed my diploma in Hotel Management. I realized my skills in this field and I thought to make profit out of my skills. That was the time whenI finally felt that I can do something of my own by making the right use of my skills in the field, and that I can become an entrepreneur.

During the lockdown in June 2020 as the colleges were closed and I had an ample amount of time. I decided to take action. To make my thoughts a reality. Soon, I received the first order of a cake. Not only did I get my first order, but I also got many positive reviews from that order. It all made me more enthusiastic. Those positive reviews gave me so much encouragement and motivated me even more that I finally decided to pursue my career as an entrepreneur.

I think that everyone should believe in their own self. When someone starts any business or a startup they should believe in themselves. When we believe in ourself we are already half way there.

I trust in the process which makes me stay calm and make all the decisions without taking much stress. But as every coin has two sides, If one can make profit then one can also have loss and we should be ready to face all the ups and downs in any startup or business.

My biggest challenge was when I was unable to make my dessert, but after trying a lot of times, and not giving up I finally succeeded. I realized that trying hard always makes things possible however hard they may seem.

I always go by the thinking and would also suggest everyone to implement that 'Nothing is impossible for believers.'


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