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Leena Khattar| A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all...

Since being a child, I always used to get attracted to working women being independent. But as I grew up, I did not have confidence, resources, and support. And as the pandemic hit, the lack of funds made me realize and gave me the courage to do something for my kids and family.

After becoming an entrepreneur, my journey became more responsible toward customer satisfaction.

Being in a joint family and growing children and working from home is a product and service-based business. It is very challenging for me to manage my home and work simultaneously. And that is why I used to work at night time when everyone goes to sleep.

My achievements include winning the AIBA excellence award ( it is a Facebook and Instagram live shows platform). 

I believe in providing quality products to our customers and dealing with pure fabrics. I deal in pure Banarasi suits, Sarees, and Dupattas with fusions. I believe in creating fusions in Banarasi suits giving opportunities to all started workers to work together and give masterpieces to make my most beautiful.

I urge everyone to buy Indian products made of pure fabrics. Our Indian artisans and weavers are giving their best efforts to make beautiful pieces for people.

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