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Kunwar Prince Rajkumar Jain| Don't work hard till dark but do smart work in a short period...

I had always planned to become an entrepreneur as I come from a business-oriented family where my father is a hard-working self-made man. He is a successful entrepreneur today and he reached the top through his sheer hard work.

These qualities of hard work, diligence, persistence, and a positive attitude have been passed down to me and I believe that if I follow these I can reach higher levels of success and follow my idol which can help me become a better entrepreneur.

A true entrepreneur never decides to become one; you either are, or you are not. I’m a person who never wants to stop thinking about new things since college and apply all entrepreneur theories in real life. Gradually I applied theories and got the best result in real-life practical experience

Before you startup, you fantasize about your lifestyle & company culture and hope you’ll have the best time of your life. Reality seems to be a little sour.

When you have a great idea & a brilliant team, they say 50% of your company is ready for operations. But the truth is the company is not just built from a great idea & a brilliant team, it is more built from the heart & soul of every team member of the organization who slogs to make things happen.

I tried plenty of things and I hated the idea of delegating work so the final result was a disaster. It doesn’t mean everything I did was unsuccessful, by no means; however, I do think that I could have done it differently. The focus tends to be the greatest struggle for an entrepreneur, whether they want to admit it or not.

You have too much on your plate and you want more, you think you can do more, but you lose focus on the single things you should be working on. In my case, I realized that I could no longer do it all myself. I have a team and each member specializes in something so I can focus on different things.

My message to everyone would be: Don't work hard till dark but do smart work in a short period.

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