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Jainam Nimesh Shah| Business may or may not happen. But let's connect...

I was pretty sure that I want to become an entrepreneur as my family has an entrepreneurial background. I always admired my parent's life and I had always thought of living like the way I saw my parents live.

It was from childhood somewhere when I realized that I wanted to be a leader but somewhere entrepreneurship was not the primary thought that I had in my mind. And just before I completed my graduation, I was in love with the efforts we put in and the satisfaction one gets after the work is done.

My entrepreneurial journey was a complete ride of uptrends and downtrends. After completing my graduation in 2018, I started going to my Dad's office and started to learn how things actually work in the business world. And when it was the time to take action, covid hit the world. Before I could stand, the world had to take a setback. But I guess this taught me things in a different way.

Till now, I Haven't faced any challenges as such in my 3-4 years of this journey. But the covid phase has taught everyone alot i guess. Living below the means when its necessary and trying to make the best out of bad situations. When the businesses slowly started after covid. We were few of the manufacturers who had introduced sanitizer pens into the market which worked pretty well.

My message to everyone will be: Business may or may not happen. But let's connect. Who knows where any of us could be of some help to each other.


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