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It’s rightly said, “Tough situations don’t last but tough people do”

Anisha Purswani: I always knew that I would be an entrepreneur someday. I recognised my passion for Fashion and Styling since my childhood days, it was like fashion is in my veins. As a kid, I always dreamt of being a Fashion Designer because I love to help every woman to stay nicely groomed and dressed as per their body type.

I thought of pursuing my dream and starting my venture after I fulfilled my responsibility as a mother of twins. It was very necessary to educate them and make them independent in their respective field of interest. After that, I knew this was the perfect time for me to start and focus on my goals in life.

My entrepreneurial journey has been amazing and filled with lots of challenges, ups and downs. What keeps me motivated and encourages me to keep going is the positive feedback and the happiness I receive from my valuable patrons after they appreciate my services.

The biggest challenge I faced in my life was to complete my Diploma course in Fashion Designing and simultaneously manage household chores and fulfilling my duties as a mother, as they were just 7 years then. Other obstacles were finishing the assignments and projects before the deadline and keeping a proper work-life balance.

I have been awarded as Best Designer Award from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, the women of substance by Rabiaz Walk for a cause, awardee of Superwoman by Forever Star India Awards, Winner of Parineeta1.0 Beauty Pageant of We women Thane, and crowned & certified as Mrs Pride of India Representing Mumbai. I was also awarded as India Diva from Crowntimes(Delhi), as Best Fashion Designer & Celebrity Stylist at the Beauty pageant in Goa, and certified & Felicitated as Asia's Top Leading women 2022. I showcased the Designer Collection at Bombay Times Fashion week 2022. And recently been featured in Bombay Times, Diva Planet Magazine, Emerging Icons, Rising entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Ethics, Raftar Hindustan ki and Unboxing Beauty Magazine.

I believe that self-confidence is the Superpower, and once you start believing in yourself it works like a magic! So, I focus on being the happiest & hard-working woman who lives her life unapologetically doing what she loves.

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