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Haters are truly my motivators…

Bipasa Paul: Wanting to quit is natural, especially when after 7-8 months have passed and you don’t have a single customer! However, I believe that persistency is the key. This is how despite having no initial customers, I tried to make something out of my venture. Although I’m running my business, as a young kid, I did not imagine doing any of this. It was only after my marriage that I decided to turn my all-time passion into my profession.

Initially, it was very tough. Since I was old in the market, there were hardly any customers and it was difficult to reach people with my products. To tell the truth, I'm still struggling to make a broad market for my products. Fortunately, my efforts brought me some recognition among a handful number of customers.

Getting customers were perhaps the toughest, but the other bigger problem for me was creating an identity for myself. There was no proper guidance or mentorship, and people demotivated me to try and quit. And this series of demotivation has not stopped yet. But no matter what, I am confident about my work and pursuing it anyway.

I am proud of the fact that an online media house took my interview regarding my work. Now I’m in a position where I can buy something for my family whenever I want. Although it is a small thing for me, I feel it is like my dreams coming true.

The main key of my work is customization. All products are customized according to my client’s preferences.

Although I am trying to fulfil my dreams and stand out, I believe that if most people start supporting handmade products, we can become more self-reliant. It;d be awesome it everyone loves handmade products.

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