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Every challenge is an opportunity to grow...

The start of the entrepreneurial journey was not that easy as I do not have any background in entrepreneurship. It was new to me to work on. Due to this, it took time with a lot of hard work, and sleepless nights. And then I could achieve it to some extent. During this journey, a lot changed in my surroundings. Lifestyle changes, more responsibility, sense ability, and human behaviour changed a lot.

There were many challenges during my journey but I took them as a new opportunity to it. I learn a lot due to the challenges in my entrepreneurship.

There are several achievements through this journey. I was awarded Best Event Manager of the Year. I got featured in Femina India as a celebrity wedding planner. Also awarded as the First teenage entrepreneur from town.

My entrepreneurship is all about providing services related to Events, Wedding planning, entertainment, and films.

Our company serves certain benefits  such as quality assurance of the events, best quality management. We have highly trained staff and well equipped executives. Price assurance can be provided along with it is based on zero wastage management.

through contacts and social media platforms. 

 Our Company Ventisa Events and Entertainment stands for excellence. You can reach out to our business management on social media @ventisaeventsmum, or you can contact us through- 9967905019. 

I would like to suggest people for their ones who are starting of being an entrepreneur, that is, no matter whatever the situation is, to win it, you have to be in it.


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