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Easy going and simplicity: This can be an entrepreneur’s path too…


Arshi Minnat: While figuring out what am supposed to do with my life, as a little kid I always aspired to become a teacher and hence pursued the degree of post-graduation for the same. Although I did not realize it, I always had the spark of creating something of my own. From a very young age, I loved to create things and used to make many such creative items on my own.


The journey began unexpectedly when I started making skin care products for myself and my family. Unexpectedly, it started yielding unbelievable results. It was then that I started gifting them to my friends and relatives. After I receives some amazing feedback from them, I started my venture in this field in 2018.


I love my entire journey as an entrepreneur. I barely knew that having able to follow my passion would be such a great pleasure.  


But every story has hurdles. The biggest challenge I faced was with my kids, as they were too small when I started my venture. It was the ample support from my parents as well as my husband, that gave me an amazing boost to overcome all the obstacles on my way and be where I am today. 


I am proud of the fact that I have won many awards for being the best organic products manufacturer. Besides, I have also received the most favoured brand award. I believe in my products immensely. From customer feedback to audience retention, happiness is immeasurable. My products do what it says, they are super effective and can be customised according to one's needs.

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic concept and to be a good entrepreneur one has to be consistent in his or her line of work. To achieve excellence, one has to practice sustainability in whatever he or she is doing.

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