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Dr. Vinesh Senan| Being an entrepreneur is a part of our life. Embrace it…

I was never interested in being an entrepreneur till I was 18 years old, that was when I started understanding economics and I became interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

When I finished my medical school I was really interested in medical research and wanted to do research that will change the way we treat medical illness.

I started working in this way but doing medical research is a process which requires a large amount of investment. So, due to lack of funding it was difficult for me to do the cutting edge medical research required to make the breakthrough in this field.

We Doctors joined together to form this nonprofit organization that has a goal of collecting donations to carry out medical research.

As I said I hadn't thought of being an entrepreneur but due to this drive of funding my passion is what made me an entrepreneur.

My passion was what made me an entrepreneur. My entrepreneurial journey was not at all easy as I had to experience this and neither was it in my studies as I am a doctor and a researcher.

I started learning from the basics through online courses and found mentors to guide us. Getting the govt licenses was the difficult part and we had to really work for it.

Time we spent on setting up the nonprofit was time we were losing from research but in the long run it proved to be worth it.

The obstacles and the time we spent made us give up many times but our passion drove us to make it a success.

The biggest challenge I faced was when the covid hit and we were on the verge of inventing a new drug for treating it. We had invested everything into and the initial computational studies showed promising results. But the result was not enough and we had to decide to stop it.

This project almost ruined us but our passion for research made us work on other projects and this nonprofit organization was the one that helped us continue.

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