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Don’t give up on your dreams just because of money or the lack thereof...

Amitkumar Dilip Mane: As a child I was always fascinated by businessmen. I wanted to be one myself one day, I wanted to start a business that I could call mine. As an adult who currently runs a business, I can tell you, it’s nothing like I imagined. Real business brings with itself challenges, challenges that can be monetary or personal or professional in nature. These challenges or conflicts affect growth, but also make businessmen creative. They encourage us to push our limits and face these problems head on, and turn them into opportunities.

Growing up also puts things into perspective. Starting a business is not a one-day job. Even before I started my company, my work started. I conducted market analyses, studied the culture, the field I was entering and the trends that I could use to my benefits. This gave me the knowledge that was essential to help my business flourish and grow. Running a business involves forming and maintaining several professional relationships that are beneficial to both parties. This is not something that one can learn from books, its something you learn with experience, something I learnt during the formative years of my business building. As the business grew and I began to network more, I realised that it came with a cost. My family and financials were dealt the short hand of the stick. Through these tough hours I knew I had to persevere for my family members, who were completely dependent on me. This ignited in me a passion to start my current endeavour, my business.

As time passed the learning experiences grew. Today, I can better handle my finances and I’m in a position where I have earned the gift of hindsight.

Looking back despite the challenges and obstacles that came my way, I can confidently say, that I wouldn’t change a thing. I believe that, my younger self, who was fascinated by business, who dove in head-first, would be proud of the man I have become and the heights that I have attained. I still have a long way to go, but my journey and the impact I create, only gives me hope for what the future holds.

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