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Dhanasekaran Nallasamy | 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023

Updated: Jan 21

Dhanasekaran Nallasamy, a visionary force behind the evolution of PheonixSolutions. This trailblazer, a stalwart in the realm of Information Technology and Software Services, initiated his odyssey driven by a passion for autonomy and a relentless pursuit of satisfaction. 

He embarked on this transformative journey in September 2016, a lone pioneer navigating uncharted territories that would soon be conquered and shaped by his indomitable spirit. In the crucible of challenges, a cardinal lesson emerged—mistakes, not detours but stepping stones. Each misstep was meticulously documented, a compendium of wisdom that became the cornerstone of their culture. Through the lens of hindsight, these documented missteps were not failures but invaluable fragments of a mosaic reflecting resilience and adaptability.

The genesis of inspiration, an omnipresent force in this narrative, found roots in familial legacy. Dhanasekaran’s father, an unschooled luminary, navigated the tempests of business challenges, leaving an indelible mark on his entrepreneurial progeny. A guiding light also emanated from his uncle, an exponent of loyalty, effective leadership, and adept problem-solving—a trio of virtues that became the guiding stars in the expansive cosmos of PhoenixSolutions. Family, an unwavering bastion of support, stood sentinel during the turbulent early days. A mother's encouragement, symbolized by an offer of personal jewels if needed, and a wife's steadfast commitment, not merely as a life partner but as an integral pillar of the company, underscored the symbiotic relationship between personal and professional realms.

Friends, akin to constellations in the night sky, added their brilliance to the narrative. Vibinsagar Jain, Dhayalan, Vinothkumar, Dinesh, Arunkumar, Rithesh Reddy, Ramakrishnan, Karthik Nallasamy, Chelladurai—a collective force that stood as a testament to the adage, "a friend in need is a friend indeed." Financial and moral support flowed, a testament to the solidarity that propels dreams into reality. In the crucible of financial strife, the resilience of PhoenixSolutions glowed like an enduring flame. Personal savings and the lifeline extended by friends became the bridge over troubled waters, affirming a belief engraved in the company's ethos—care for employees, and they, in turn, will foster the prosperity of the business.

As PhoenixSolutions celebrates its seventh year, Dhanasekaran views it not as a culmination but a prologue. The vision stretches beyond horizons, aspiring to transcend boundaries and explore new frontiers. The narrative, like a well-crafted saga, unfolds with each passing chapter, leaving readers in anticipation of what lies ahead.

His entrepreneurial routine, akin to a symphony, played an opus of persistence during the fledgling days. From predawn hours dedicated to project pitches, through meticulous documentation, to proof of concept endeavors, each note resonated with an unwavering belief. The initial three months, devoid of immediate financial gratification, were the incubation period for a metamorphosis. Projects, akin to magical seeds, sprouted, fostering a momentum that soon cascaded into a torrent of opportunities.

For the youth of India, Dhanasekaran extends a message echoing through the corridors of time—consistency is the compass that steers one towards their destination. In the grand tapestry of success, the warp and weft are woven by the steadfast threads of dedication and perseverance.

A singular piece of advice transcends the narrative—an entrepreneurial beacon illuminating the path ahead. Delegate tasks judiciously, Dhanasekaran asserts, allowing the empowerment of others while freeing oneself to focus on larger vistas, ensuring that the journey is not merely a solitary march but a collective expedition towards greatness.

This Story is brought to you from the book: 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023.

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