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Damini Arora | The Entrepreneurs of India Influencer Magazine September 2022

We’re all aware of the issue of climate change. But despite the awareness, how often do we really see people taking an active participation for a better future?

Here is Damini Arora, a passion-driven entrepreneur who has initiated Meraki Digital, India’s first Digital Marketing agency that caters exclusively to planet-friendly brands.

With a clear vision in mind, Damini started solo with limited liabilities and more freedom. But, in order to grow, she eventually set up a team of 6 people. After the entry of Amrit, her first member, who joined as a part-time content professional, they decided to focus on Business Development and Brand strategy, thanks to Amrit’s experience of working in the Public Relations and Communication Industry. The strong vision with the apt execution has now led Meraki Digital to have over 15 clients in less than 2 years of its inception.

“At the outset, it may appear like the ‘sustainability’ sector is just a cluster of green businesses, but the learning curve is actually massive. From climate technology to fashion to food, learning the ropes of every industry and mastering the sustainability requirements for each has been a rewarding challenge for each of us on the team. There has been hardly any day that didn’t feel like a trudge, but the knowledge that we’re working for brands that make a genuine impact is what keeps us going.” Says Damini.

She believes that having a strong Network is essential in entrepreneurship. For her, being in the Sustainability sector, she witnessed that brands focus more on contributing to their common goal than the competition.

The two influential figures Damini had had in her life were, Lakshmi Selvakumaran, her then mentor, and Ishita Khana, founder of Spiti Ecosphere.

“I met these two ladies at a crucial time of my life. They helped me find my calling in life. And they may not realise it, but they are kind of important figures.” Says Damini.

Meraki Digital brings to you Digital Marketing services to sustainable, eco-friendly brands. “In simpler terms, we create Social Media content & marketing campaigns to help build these brands in the online spaces. We understand that this subject is sensitive and can be overwhelming for an end consumer, so we try to tone it down for people and help simplify things for laymen.”

Damini believes that today, people are more interested to know what Brand Founders have to say than paid celebrities. Meraki Digital aims to educate and spread the word of Sustainability.

With her experience as an entrepreneur, Damini Says “Things aren’t as bad as they seem right now. Don’t let any roadblock get the best of you. Rather, treat every roadblock as a wave in front of you while you hold onto your balance on a surfboard. You just have to catch it, and it is a LOT of fun when you get past it.”

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