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Charity begins at home…

Sneha Bhattacharya: I belong to a family where everyone is engaged in government jobs. So I had no clue what is business, how it is done or any idea about it. it was quite a journey figuring the whole thing out.

While I was working I started realizing that I was not getting enough creative exposure, I was living the same life every day and it was not appealing for me at all. Then I started making designer soaps as a hobby and slowly people started appreciating my work because of its beauty and quality.

I started with soaps and slowly they became a hit. Clients started asking for more. I went on my formulation journey. I enrolled in Formula Botanica and there was no looking back since then.

The initial challenge was to give up my day job for pursuing what I like to do. It was a shock for all but I knew what I was doing and knew my idea has potential. I had no knowledge of anything, what is business, from raw materials dealers to cosmetic containers. I used to work till 4 am to research it and had to figure everything out.

My biggest achievement is to make sensible products keeping in mind the wastage issue in today's world. We also have a gender-neutral range breaking the gender barrier for personal care.

And seeing down the memory lane, I would say to others that support small businesses, support natives. We start with minimal investment. I started with 2000/-, so a lot goes in than we can ever express. Business is emotion for us. We all support bigger brands like Lux or Dove and so on. But even they had to start one day to become the giants they are today. If our countrymen started supporting us like the way they do these giants, then more and more native brands will be able to become giants.

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