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Challenges and innovations, the entrepreneur’s way…

Rukhshi Elias: Although I belong to a family of Entrepreneurs, as a kid I was not at all into entrepreneurship, rather I always had an artistic inclination within me. Things started to change when my brother went to study abroad and my father asked for my help with basic work of the office. Perhaps these were the moments when entrepreneurial ideas started showing up in my head to start my entrepreneurial venture. 


Initially running a boutique, I gradually transformed my art into business and let the fashion designer in me create premium designer wears. Soon enough I realized that the workmanship of the tailors and kaarigars could never do justice to my creative ideas, I’m carved for something different. I shut down the shop and moved on to something that I had more control over, i.e., Culinary Training.


The biggest challenge I faced was to make everyone believe in my capabilities. I needed to reach out to a public who would trust me and my services. I created a group for women on social media with an initial membership of about 100 close friends and relatives. Gradually over a span of three years, we have grown to a strength of 27000 women. Most of them are first-generation entrepreneurs.


 To me, the biggest advantage is to gain the trust of  27000 women! Besides I have also been awarded various awards, and have been featured in various articles in the media too.


As a Trainer, I hold regular workshops to guide and train the upcoming entrepreneurs and using my culinary skills, I constantly try to innovate to bring a cuisine that the city had never experienced before.


I always keep a positive outlook on life. I believe when it comes to setting new trends, perhaps I’ll always be at the top of the line. So, everyone starting today must remember that innovation is the key to success.


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