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By concentrating on our strengths, we can all live in a world that is better for everyone...


Swati Jain: Becoming an entrepreneur was not a popular professional choice back when I was a kid. I did not think I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I didn’t have any people around me who had dabbled in starting their own companies and businesses. Till today it feels surreal that I have a business of my own and that I am making active, positive differences in people’s lives. Officially having my company registered has been an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Over the course of my entrepreneurship venture, my company and I personally have proudly made contributions that have garnered attention and have also been felicitated by several organizations. But my biggest achievement is to see that my team and I have made a real impact on society. Running a company comes with its fair share of troubles, but the fun and reward are in overcoming these challenges. To meet expectations, to deliver, to learn, and to enjoy is what drives me to my work every day.

Pressures are a part and parcel of every person’s life but living up to them and learning from them instead of letting them demotivate us is what makes the crucial difference. The road is difficult, it is one that is full of bumps and ups and downs and one that leads us to make several mistakes, but that is what makes the experience worthwhile, beating the odds is what makes us stand out.

Over the course of my life, I have learned that it is futile to compare ourselves with someone else, everyone has strengths that are unique to them and everyone has weaknesses that they need to work on, not everyone and everything is a race that needs to be won, everyone has different goals, and achieving these goals hold different meanings to people.


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