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Business is all about clients, they are happy, we are happy…

Aditi Dua: I used to think that perhaps at 30-35, I’d own a consulting firm, but things changed when I met Shubham and we began our venture at the tender age of 20. As a child, my only dream was to become a teacher. My father is a businessman and I saw his struggle in the business field. Growing up, I was always afraid of doing business, I always thought that business is not my cup of tea however destiny planned things differently for me. My venture began unexpectedly when on a random day, he came asking for advice. The strategies I told Shubham were perhaps very good. It was then that he immediately submitted a proposal to me as a co-founder and I accepted it.

My life's changed since I entered the world of entrepreneurship. The appreciation, love, and attention I received were tremendous. Not just this I learnt a very beautiful lesson that an entrepreneur can be full of energy and ideas, but someone who brings the ideas and the efforts into reality is always a team. I have become humbler, and more geared towards the growth of others.   I guess cash flow was one of the biggest challenges we faced. It is normal for a bootstrapping business to run out of cash. The worst was in the month of January when we had no money to invest in marketing. We failed miserably when it came to payroll for the employees. Shubham and I decided to go for a loan, but we, unfortunately, couldn’t secure it. On January 15th, we got an enrolment, and we decided to invest Rs 5,000 in marketing. Thanks to digital marketing's low cost, we got more enrolments and cleared all dues.Within 1 year, we scaled rapidly with a small team working for sales.

Lately, we have partnered with many well-known players in the market. We were also featured in The NCR Times, Entrepreneur Press, Bytes from India, Hindustan Bytes, Karostartup and Bharat Saga.  Our success is a result of our sincere desire to help others grow via our efforts and services. I imagine a lot of people desire to know the secret to success, so maybe this may be useful to them.

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