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Binal Soni | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine September 2023

In the bustling city of Mumbai, a remarkable transformation unfolded in the life of Binal Soni, a dynamic individual who shifted gears from a successful career in software development to become a beacon of guidance for young minds.

In Mumbai, she completed her education in physics and computer applications. Her professional journey took her to various software companies, where she rose to the position of Senior Software Developer. However, as time passed, she felt a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the monotonous nature of her work and the demanding work-life balance it entailed.

It was during her internship that the wedding bells chimed, and shortly after, she embraced motherhood. The birth of her child led Binal to reevaluate her priorities and her career path. Her daughter's simple yet profound question, "Mom, do you like what you do?" became the catalyst for her decision to seek a more fulfilling path.

Her journey took a 360 Degree turn when she left her programming career to embrace motherhood and crossed paths with psychotherapist Anisha Pandya. Anisha introduced her to psychometric testing and career counseling, sparking Binal's newfound passion. Under Anisha's guidance, Binal became a certified career counselor, refining her skills and even assisting in managing Anisha's counseling wing. In 2020, Anisha handed over the reins, leading to the birth of EduCompass, where Binal continues her mission to guide confused and directionless youth toward fulfilling careers.

Her journey is marked by valuable insights, including her shift from bias towards academic careers to an appreciation of skill-based paths with the advice to excel for recognition. Innovation played a pivotal role in her career counseling business, transitioning from manual to AI-based testing for efficiency and accessibility. Family support was her cornerstone, emphasizing alignment between family and entrepreneurial goals. Despite starting her career counseling journey at 35, Binal's unwavering determination pushed her past the challenges, showcasing the power of passion and perseverance in pursuing one's true calling.

The shift of her career wansn’t an easy road. She had to unlearn and relearn, a process she embraced with dedication. EduCompass, her brainchild, is a platform where she meticulously assesses individuals' abilities, talents, and interests through a psychometric framework. Her mission is to bridge the gap between parental concerns and their children's aspirations.

The most extraordinary part of Binal’s journey is the joy of changing lives through career guidance. Today, as an established player, she conveys, "Money follows success, and success follows passion." Her shift from a lucrative career to one driven by her passion for helping others exemplifies this belief.

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