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Believe it, life always has a twist for you…

Ramya Manoharan: Our country is the hub of cure and our traditional natural medicine holds the doorway to cure several harmful diseases. As a student of Indian Medicine, I focus on lifestyle Medicine and the root cause of any Disease. 

During my childhood and school days, I never thought I would become an entrepreneur someday because I was quite an introvert and an adamant Girl. My preferred lifestyle was to study and get a job, but little did I know about my upcoming days.

When I went to college, I developed several new habits and skills which is when I started to

think that I can also become an independent girl. This was the point I realized that I could become an entrepreneur.

I always feared being judged and this is the reason I did almost everything secretly, without letting my family know.  I started a new self-care venture to help people in their daily life. It makes me very happy when I hear my patients are very happy using my products.

The biggest challenge I faced in my life was approaching my parents about whatever I wanted to do. We don’t have any entrepreneurial background, and I’m the first one in my family. My hard work impressed my parents and my all-time biggest supporter is my brother.

Honestly, I don’t like when someone asks me how my business is, because I love to call this a service. This I do with the motto to put a smile on people’s faces. I don’t see myself as a businesswoman, but I can proudly say that I’m a Doctor who can help you to find the root cause of your disease.

My journey made me aware that no woman can become a Queen without any difficulty. It’s through their strict practices that they carve themselves out to become a Queen in their field. So, I believe-  ‘Queen is not born, she is Made.’ This is my favourite quote too. Also, each and everyone has their unique Quality, so find that Quality of yours and nail your success.


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